I'm David G. Martin

Kadanoff Postdoctoral Fellow in theoretical physics within Vincenzo Vitelli's group.

Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago.

Former student at ENS Paris and Université Paris Cité.


Research interests

My research aims at providing a broad understanding of the collective phenomena emerging from assemblies of entities driven far from equilibrium. Among the many different mechanisms driving particles out of equilibrium, I have studied motility, where particles exert self-propulsion forces on their medium, nonreciprocal interactions, which do not derive from the gradient of a potential, and monitored systems, where measurements make the evolution non-unitary. The guiding questions underlying my research are the following: what are the macroscopic properties of such nonequilibrium assemblies? How can we characterize these properties and how do they rely on the mechanism driving the particles out of equilibrium at the microscopic scale? During my PhD, I have developed theoretical tools for quantifying nonequilibrium behaviors and applied them in various settings, from experimental assemblies of colloidal rollers and fluctuating field theories for flocking to emerging signatures in motile particles. During my postdoc, I have conjointly developed two research directions. The first concerns the large-scale characterization of nonequilibrium agent-based models through coarse-graining methods while the other is devoted to the determination of critical properties in Measurement-induced Phase Transitions and nonreciprocal systems.

Teaching experiences

So far, I have mainly given lectures in the medicine and pharmacy cursus at Université Paris Cité.

Publication list


  1. D. Martin, G. Spera, H. Chaté, C. Duclut, C. Nardini, J. Tailleur and F. van Wijland
    Fluctuation-Induced First Order Transition to Collective Motion
    arXiv 2402.05078 (February 2024)
  2. DS. Seara, J. Colen, M. Fruchart, Y. Avni, D. Martin and V. Vitelli
    Sociohydrodynamics: data-driven modelling of social behavior
    Under review at PNAS, arXiv 2312.17627 (December 2023)
  3. Y. Avni, M. Fruchart, D. Martin, D. Seara and V. Vitelli
    The non-reciprocal Ising Model
    Under review at Phys. Rev. Lett., arXiv 2311.05471 (November 2023)
  4. T. Jin and D. G. Martin
    Measurement-induced phase transition in a single-body tight-binding model
    Under review at Phys. Rev. Lett., arXiv 2309.15034 (September 2023)
  5. D. G. Martin, D. Seara, Y. Avni, M. Fruchart, V. Vitelli
    The transition to collective motion in nonreciprocal active matter: coarse graining agent-based models into fluctuating hydrodynamics
    Under review at Phys. Rev. X., arXiv 2307.08251 (July 2023)
  6. 2022

  7. T. Jin and D. G. Martin
    Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Physics and Phase Transition in a Classical Single Random Walker under Continuous Measurement
    Phys. Rev. Lett. (November 2022), arXiv 2204.00070
    PRL arXiv
  8. 2021

  9. D. G. Martin and T. Arnoulx de Pirey
    AOUP in the presence of Brownian noise: a perturbative approach
    J. Stat. Mech. 043205 (April 2021), arXiv 2009.13476
    JSTAT arXiv
  10. D. G. Martin, J. O'byrne, M. E. Cates, E. Fodor, C. Nardini, J. Tailleur and F. Van Wijland
    Statistical Mechanics of Active Ornstein Uhlenbeck Particles
    Phys. Rev. E 103, 032607 (March 2021), arXiv 2008.12972
    PRE arXiv
  11. D. G. Martin, H. Chaté, C. Nardini, A. Solon, J. Tailleur and F. Van Wijland
    Fluctuation-induced phase separation in metric and topological models of collective motion
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 148001 (April 2021), arXiv 2008.01397
    PRL arXiv
  12. 2019

  13. D. Geyer, David G. Martin, J. Tailleur and D. Bartolo
    Freezing a Flock: Motility-Induced Phase Separation in Polar Active Liquids
    Phys. Rev. X 9 031043 (September 2019), arXiv 1903.01134
    PRX arXiv
  14. 2018

  15. Thomas Gueudré and David G. Martin
    Optimal growth entails risky localization in population dynamics
    EPL (Europhys. Lett.) 121, 68005 (may 2018) arXiv 1712.00979
    Selected as editor's choice
    Selected as EPL Highlights
    EPL arXiv
  16. D. Martin, C. Nardini, M. E. Cates, and É. Fodor
    Extracting maximum power from active colloidal heat engines
    EPL (Europhys. Lett.) 121, 60005 (may 2018) arXiv 1803.01620
    Selected as editor's choice
    Selected as EPL Highlights
    EPL arXiv


Contact Me

Kadanoff Center For Theoretical Physics

933 E 56th St, Chicago, IL 60637, USA